Each Park faces different challenges with keeping human food away from wildlife, and it is our goal to make Pinnacles National Park a safe place for both humans and wildlife. Please avoid the temptation to feed park animals and remember to report unusually tame or aggressive wildlife at the Visitor Center or to a ranger. At any camping area, be sure to ask about food storage regulations when you check into your site.

Please do:

• Store food and coolers in trunk or locked bin

• Close car doors and windows

• Put trash/recycling in bins provided

• Enjoy wildlife from a distance

Please don’t:

• Feed wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, and jays

• Litter

• Leave pet food unattended outdoors

• Leave food unattended

Feeding wildlife can result in:

• Injuries from bites and scratches

• Disease transmission to people and pets

• Damage to cars and belongings

• Injury or death of wildlife

• Punishment by fine

Thank You for Helping Us Keep Wildlife Wild.